Delhi Airport

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Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport : Delhi Airport, officially known as Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), is one of the busiest and most modern airports in India. It has undergone significant upgrades and expansions to accommodate the increasing passenger traffic and to enhance the travel experience.

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Delhi Airport


Terminal 1 (T1)

Recently expanded to increase its capacity, T1 serves domestic flights and now boasts improved facilities and more space for passengers​​.

Terminal 2 (T2)

Primarily used for low-cost domestic airlines, T2 has modern amenities and efficient passenger handling services.

Terminal 3 (T3)

Delhi Airport, Terminal 3

The largest terminal, T3 serves both domestic and international flights. It features extensive shopping and dining options, along with state-of-the-art facilities including lounges, business centers, and more​.

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Key Features and Services


A biometric-based seamless travel experience using facial recognition technology for paperless and contactless processing at various checkpoints​​.

Meet and Greet Services

Offers concierge services, porter assistance, airport transfers, and more to ensure a smooth journey through the airport​​.

Shopping and Dining

Extensive options are available throughout the terminals, providing a variety of cuisines and retail experiences for travelers.

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Transportation to and from the Airport


Delhi Airport, Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro’s Airport Express Line connects the airport to key locations in the city, providing a fast and efficient mode of transport.

Cabs and Taxis

Easily available outside the terminals, offering convenient transportation to various parts of Delhi and nearby areas.

Car Rentals

Various rental services are available at the airport for travelers who prefer to drive themselves​​.

Additional Information

Immigration and Customs

Streamlined processes ensure quick and efficient handling of passengers arriving and departing from international flights. Passengers can check the information screens and follow the signage for immigration, baggage reclaim, and customs clearance​.


The airport is designed to be accessible to all passengers, with facilities and services catering to those with special needs.

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